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a bunch of the plein air sketches I was working on during my Utah trip! A week drawing rocks, getting mistaken for a ranger twice- pretty ideal.


I’ve recently started thinking about an idea for a graphic novel that I abandoned when I saw Wreck-It Ralph because I felt they covered some of the same ground but I think my idea goes a little further with the idea… 

Overworld is set in an JRPG and follows a team of archetypical protagonists who, for one reason or another, decide to run away from their quest and live in the wilderness as NPCs. 

Our hero’s village is destroyed and he is given a sword of destiny … but he doesn’t have a single vengeful bone in his body. His instinct is to run away as far as he can. He wishes he was given a different “class” than Knight and hates the idea of killing, even if it is Slimes.

He is joined by a brawler who regrets certain aspects about the way he designs his character… he makes the best of his situation which can be tough when so much of the stuff he wants to wear is “un-equippable” in the Armour Shops. He is Level 99 for a reason - he’s desperate to be the warrior he sees himself as.

The mage wants to practice her religion in peace and hates how much it has been exploited by the world. Healing people is a tough job and people never seem to respect that gaining MP requires a lot of focus.

The archer was actually an enemy that decided she wanted to be the hero of her own story. But every time a hero attacks her in a random encounter she feels no better than a common grunt. She was born without a backstory… but perhaps her history is out there, but was never given to her.

The basic idea came from something simple - what if you could see your own health bar? How would that change the way you live your life? What if you could see what level you were compared to other people? What if you were born into a class… a role… a job and didn’t have the ability to change it? Is there happiness to be had as a non-playbale character?

I wanted the characters to look as generic as possible while still being recognisably me. I think the hero character might actually be too cliched… these designs will all change anyway.

I imagine it being a short graphic novel as I don’t think the unsubtle parallels would stretch for too long. Maybe it’ll happen one day!

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Joan Blondell, 1930s. One of my favorites, a tart-tongued wisecracking dame who was always the best friend - to Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Ruby Keeler and all the Warner Bros female stars - and a good sport and supportive companion to all the male stars. She died in 1973 of leukemia but still managed to make 4 movies that year.